Complete Withdrawals

At the end of the add/drop period each term, a student may completely withdraw from Emory with permission from the appropriate school dean as well as clearance from Student Financial Services and the Office of Financial Aid.

Your financial aid package is awarded under the assumption you will remain enrolled for the completion of the term.  If you withdraw before the term is completed, you may be eligible for only a percentage of the funds you were awarded. 

Federal Requirements

The federal government requires the Office of Financial Aid to calculate how much Title IV aid a student has earned.  Federal regulations state that a student earns Title IV aid based on the period of time he/she remains enrolled for a particular term.

Formula for Complete Withdrawal

Per federal regulations, any federal funds not earned by the student must be returned to the Title IV program in the following order:

  • Unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loan
  • Subsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loan
  • Federal Perkins Loan
  • Federal Direct Plus Loan
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  • Other Title IV Aid Programs
  • The Student

Once a student completes enrollment for 60% of the term, the student has earned 100% of the Title IV aid awarded; no return of Title IV aid is required.

Institutional Requirements

Requirements for return of institutional aid differ from federal return policy. The school in which you are enrolled maintains its own policy regarding what percentage of institutional funds has been earned. Prior to completing the withdrawal process, you may contact the Office of Financial Aid to learn how the withdrawal will affect your institutional aid eligibility and student account balance.