My Future

There are countless resources available online to help you with planning your future while avoiding unnecessary debt during college. We recommend conducting free scholarship searches online, attending information sessions based upon your personal situation, and locating someone on campus or in the community to assist you with your specific needs. Resources are also available in Spanish with the Latino community in mind.  All you have to devote is your time. Below is a list of online resources we consider to be some trustworthy services.

Underrepresented Student Outreach

Federal Student Aid

National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Latino Students

Scholarship Resources 

Why Should I Apply?

What Types of Scholarships Can I Receive?

What Is A Personal Statement?

What Should I Do to Become More Competitive?


CareerOne Stop

National Science Foundation

Scholarship America Student Center

First Generation Scholarships

International Scholarships

Financial Aid Outreach

What Outreach Services Are Available? 


College Board


Federal Student Aid