Documentation (including forms) requested by the Office of Financial Aid may be submitted via US mail, email or fax. Please do not submit image files or photographs of documentation. In an effort to safeguard your personal information, the Office prefers that forms be submitted via fax to 404-727-6709.  

2018-19 Application Forms 

2018-19 Financial Aid Renewal Checklist

2018-19 Non-Tax Filer Statement

2018-19 Head of Household Worksheet

2018-19 Verification of Dependency Status Form

2018-19 Sibling Enrollment Verification Form

2018-19 Profile Business/Farm Supplement

2018-19 CSS Profile Waiver Request for the Noncustodial Parent

2018-19 Identification and Statement Of Educational Purpose Verification Worksheet

2018-19 Federal Verification Worksheet - Independent Student

2018-19 Federal Verification Worksheet - Dependent Student

2018-19 United Methodist Ministerial Tuition Benefit Application

4506-T Request for Transcript of Tax Return

(Please mail or fax the 4506-T form to the appropriate Internal Revenue Service address as indicated on page 2 and 3 of the 4506-T form)

2017-18 Application Forms 

2017-18 Non-Tax Filer Statement

2017-18 Head of Household Worksheet

2017-18 Number in College Worksheet

2017-18 Number in Household Worksheet

2017-18 Verification of Dependency Status Form

2017-18 Sibling Enrollment Verification Form

2017-18 Identification and Statement Of Educational Purpose Verification Worksheet


Other Application Forms

Asset Worksheet

Citizenship Immigration Affidavit

Dislocated Worker Verification Form

Georgia HOPE/GTEG Supplemental Residency Form

Monthly Expenses and Income Worksheet

Special Circumstances Appeals Form

Loan Instructions

2018-19 Parent PLUS Loan

2018-19 Graduate PLUS Loan