Steps to Apply for Financial Aid

Receive Financial Aid Award Notification

After your file has been reviewed and your financial aid eligibility determined, you will receive an email notifying you that your award package is available.  Your award notification will be sent to your email address marked as preferred within OPUS. Please Accept/Decline your individual awards as appropriate and follow all instructions to ensure you fully understand your aid package, as well as all terms, conditions, and disclosures.

Student Financial Services is responsible for the management of all business related to the student financial account. This includes the billing and collection of all student charges (tuition, room, board and others), disbursement of financial aid to the student account, credit balance refunds, payment plans, finance charges, late fees, processing of campus-based and Emory loan documents and promissory notes, third party billing, loan exit interviews, servicing of loans in repayment and cashiering services.  Please contact Student Financial Services regarding student financial account questions.