Online Item Type Request Form

The Office of Financial Aid processes all awards through the PeopleSoft student system (OPUS) using award specific item types. Financial Aid award disbursements are processed to student accounts on a nightly basis. The item type maps the financial aid transaction to the appropriate general ledger account during the nightly general ledger post process.

Item types are created upon request from a school, department or authorized Financial Aid staff member. New item types or changes to an existing item type should be submitted via the Financial Aid Item Type Request .  Please ensure all award item type requests contain valid SpeedType/SmartKey with an EMUNV business unit.   Standard non-grant awards will be activated with 61300 (scholarship expense) account unless otherwise specified.

Please allow 10 to 15 business days for your request to be completed. 

If you have questions or experience technical difficulties, please send an email to; Subject: Online Item Type Form.

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