Rollins School of Public Health Grants and Scholarships


Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to undergraduate and graduate women in the health sciences.

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Courtesy Tuition Benefit for Graduate Students

Emory offers a Courtesy Scholarship program for the continued educational development of employees. Courtesy Scholarships may be subject to reduction by the amount of any other scholarship and/or financial aid a student receives. Employees hired after December 31, 2002, will receive graduated benefits based upon the employee’s years of service. For additional information, visit the Human Resources website.

Veteran's Education Benefits

Veteran’s education benefits are for veterans or dependents of veterans who may qualify for monthly education benefits. The Office of Financial Aid will not count VA education benefits as a resource when determining eligibility for other types of aid in accordance with federal policy. Students who anticipate receiving veteran's benefits and have questions should contact the Office of the Registrar.

External Scholarships

External scholarships are awarded through various outside organizations such as churches, employers, professional or private foundations, etc. The total financial aid that a student can receive annually, including external awards, cannot exceed the estimated cost of attendance at Emory.

Guidelines for external scholarships

Yellow Ribbon Program

The Yellow Ribbon program is a provision of the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 that allows degree-granting institutions of higher learning in the US to voluntarily enter into an agreement with the VA to fund tuition expenses that exceed the annual VA tuition and fees benefit.