Liberal Arts Scholarship

Liberal Arts Scholarships, which are partial tuition scholarships, are awarded through the admission office in recognition of a student’s academic excellence. Recipients of Liberal Arts Scholarships are not admitted into the Emory Scholars Program. However, after their first and/or second year in Emory College of Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts Scholarship recipients may compete for a Dean’s Achievement Scholarship. If successful, they become Emory Scholars and are permitted financially to combine the two awards.

Liberal Arts awards are renewable for eight semesters (fall/spring) of undergraduate study, contingent upon meeting the following criteria:

1)      Satisfactory academic performance.  The college requires a minimum cumulative 3.20 grade point average for renewal.

2)      The college expects that Liberal Arts Scholars will conduct themselves at the highest standards and will uphold Emory’s Honor and Conduct codes (revocation of your scholarship is possible even if you are not sanctioned by the Honor or Conduct Council).