Emory College, Goizueta Business School and Oxford College

 The cost of attendance is the same for students at Emory College, Goizueta Business School and Oxford College.

Total Cost 2022–2023

Billed and Estimated Costs Table
Estimated Direct Costs
Tuition$57,120Fixed charge for 12 credit hours or more for which you are billed.
Fixed charges for athletic, activity, and health and wellness fees for which you are billed. Actual billed charge may be different based on courses.
Housing$9,670Students living in residence halls are billed for a specific hall. This figure represents the average charge for a double room and includes all utilities, cable TV, and one campus computer connection. Actual billed charge may be different based on housing option chosen.
Food$7,346The total estimated food expense covers the mandatory food charge. Actual billed charge may be different based on meal plan option chosen.
Estimated Indirect Costs
Travel$1,046Represents a modest travel allowance. Actual expenses will vary by student. This is not charged to the student.
Personal$1,554A variable figure that includes items such as laundry, telephone, grooming, and entertainment. This is not charged to the student.
Books$1,250Per information from Emory Bookstore, average expenses for required books. Will vary by curriculum.
Direct Loan Fees$82Represents a fee assessed by the Department of Education at the time of Direct Loan origination. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the loan amount and is deducted at the time of disbursement.
Estimated Total$78,896* Cost of Attendance (COA) does not include an allowance for Emory’s health insurance requirement. Students not covered by a comparable plan will be automatically enrolled in the Emory University Student Health Insurance Plan.

Estimated Cost after Aid

Estimated Cost after Aid Table
Direct Costs$74,964This is an estimated total for Tuition, Fees, Housing, Food. Other charges which can be billed include orientation fee, parking permit, health insurance, etc.
-Loans$Interest Rate: Student Federal Direct Loans have a fixed interest rate, and 6 month Grace Period prior to beginning repayment
-Total Grant$Sum of all institutional, federal, and state funds
Estimated Amount Owed$Divided by 2 = Estimated semester cost after aid.
Note: Federal work-study jobs are not part of the bill. Students find a job on-campus, and are paid bi-weekly. Used for personal expenses.