Summer Returning

As a returning student in Emory College or the Business School and a financial aid applicant for the 2019–2020 academic year, you may be interested in receiving aid for the summer 2020 term. Summer award notification will begin the last week of March 2020. If you decide to apply for summer financial aid, pay attention to deadlines and note the following.

  • Summer grant funding is only available for students who receive Emory College Grant or BBA Grant in excess of $6,000 for the 2019–2020 school year.  
  • Aid applicants must be registered for at least 6 hours in order to be considered for summer federal or need-based aid. 
  • You must have completed a 2019–2020 FAFSA application and included Emory's school code of 001564. If you have not yet submitted your 2019–2020 FAFSA, go to FAFSA and complete the application online by June 30. 
  • You must have no outstanding items under your “To Do List” on OPUS.

It is important you register early to ensure that your aid funds will be available by the fee payment deadline. After you have registered for summer classes, we will review your eligibility for summer aid. If you have not expended your eligibility during the fall and spring terms, we will send you an email notifying you of your summer award at your preferred email address. 

Additional Important Information

  • Your summer financial aid award is based on your number of registered hours.
  • If you plan to attend both sessions, you must register for the first and second sessions at the same time.
  • If you plan to Study Abroad and take additional summer coursework, you would have to be enrolled in at least 6 hours in order to be eligible for summer aid. Study Abroad hours are not counted towards your total summer enrollment.
  • If your enrollment hours increase or decrease, you must notify your financial aid advisor immediately via email.  Changes in enrollment will result in an adjustment of your aid package. You are responsible for communicating any enrollment changes prior to the payment deadline above.

Summer Study Abroad

Summer Abroad Grants, funded by the OISP office, are awarded to students eligible to receive institutional need-based grants. Undergraduate students are awarded summer aid after OISP registers them in study abroad classes. The amount of the award depends on the number of credits and current year need-based financial aid package. Summer Abroad Grant amounts range from $1,705 to $7,795.

Summer Grant Awarding Chart 2020

Summer Grant Awarding Chart 2020
Credit Hours*Grant AidSummer TuitionSummer FeesEstimated Book ExpensesEstimated On-Campus Living ExpensesEstimated Cost of Attendance