Students and Families

Many families are intimated by the high costs of a private college education. However, we work hard to make an Emory education affordable with programs such as Emory Advantage, which provides students from families with incomes of $100,000 or less the opportunity to graduate with little or no debt. Emory is also a member of Questbridge, a nonprofit that connects exceptional low-income students with leading colleges and assists with the college application process. 

Throughout the application process as well as up to and after your graduation, Emory’s Office of Financial Aid offers careful guidance and thoughtful expertise along the way. We want to ensure that each student qualified to be admitted to Emory can afford to enroll.

Expected Family Contributions

A family’s entire financial portfolio—including income, assets, and other earnings—will be considered for eligibility to receive need-based financial aid. In addition to the FAFSA, Emory uses the CSS Profile, which provides additional insight into a family’s financial circumstances. We use an institutional formula to calculate expected family contributions to your education, which allows us to be fair to all applicants for aid as well as flexible with regards to individual family circumstances. If your parents are divorced or separated, both must submit their financial information as well as your custodial parent’s spouse, if your custodial parent has remarried.

Expected Student Contributions

Emory considers the cost of higher education a partnership between the university, your family, and you. As such, students are expected to contribute to paying a share of their college costs through their own earnings (i.e., savings or summer employment) or through federal work-study or part-time employment during the school year.

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Students must meet both federal and Emory requirements for need-based aid.

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Dependency Status

Most undergraduates are dependent students, although there are some exceptions.

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Rights and Responsibilities

Applicants for financial aid at Emory have student rights and responsibilities.

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