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Managing Your Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Process

Applying for financial aid is just the first step in financing your education. Although your process will be unique to you and your circumstances, there are some actions and requirements that apply to most financial aid recipients.

  1. Review and accept your financial aid package
  2. Emory disburses your financial aid funds (link to Graduate/Manage/Disbursement page)
  3. Fulfill all requirements and expectations required to keep your full funding package
  4. Reapply/update your application materials each year
  5. Repeat steps 2-5 for each year you attend Emory

Special Circumstances

Although Emory understands that many factors can impact a student's financial resources, because of the limited nature of resources and a commitment to provide fair consideration of the financial circumstances of all our students, we will not consider appeal requests based on the following events or conditions:

  • Financial support of grandparents, siblings older than 23, and non-immediate family members
  • Consumer debt, such as credit cards or educational loan debt
  • Job loss of less than 3 months
  • Investments held for others
  • Requests to exclude retirement assets not invested in a traditional retirement account
  • Student merit or achievements
  • Aid or scholarships awarded by other institutions
  • Unwillingness to contribute to educational expenses
  • Inability to pay the calculated student contribution from current income

Please note: It is our expectation that students will use all resources available to them to finance their expected student contribution, including current salary, savings, investments, student loans, and the Emory Payment Plan, if necessary.

Financial Literary

As you move into your life beyond Emory, sound financial practices will help you make informed choices to shore up your current and future financial well-being.

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