Calculating Your Financial Aid

Emory's Office of Financial Aid uses a student's full financial aid application to determine the amount of aid they will be offered. First we begin by calculating your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)/Student Aid Index (SAI). EFC/SAI are measurements of your family’s financial strength using data your submitted in your financial aid application. We then subtract that amount plus any other financial assistance you will receive (such as merit scholarships or tuition benefits) from your school's estimated Cost of Attendance (COA). The remaining amount is the amount of need-based financial aid you are eligible for.

Cost of Attendance

Regardless of where you choose to go to college, if you apply for and receive an offer for need-based financial aid, the amount of aid you are offered will be determined by comparing the school's Cost of Attendance and your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)/Student Aid Index (SAI).

The term "Cost of Attendance" is defined as an estimate of the total amount it will cost a student to attend college for one academic period. This estimate includes tuition and fees, on-campus room and board (or housing and food allowances for students living off-campus), and allowances for books, supplies, and transportation.

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