Scholarships You Bring

A scholarship you receive from any source other than Emory is considered an external scholarship. External scholarships include funding awards offered by an agency, employer, military or service organization, or any other source that Emory would not include in a financial aid package.

Because the combined total of all financial aid you receive cannot exceed what you are eligible for or your cost to attend Emory, external scholarships will impact the amount of federal, state, and institutional aid you can receive. You must notify us in writing if you will be receiving any external scholarship so that we can adjust your financial aid package if needed.

How to submit an external scholarship

External scholarship checks must be made payable to Emory University and must include the following information:

  • Your full name

  • Your student ID

  • The amount of the scholarship

  • The semester(s) in which you will use the scholarship

  • The name of the scholarship

  • The email address and phone number for the donor organization's contact person

  • The billing address for the donor organization

  • Any scholarship requirements or stipulations, including whether the scholarship should be applied in any way other than equally between the fall and spring semesters

For students attending Emory College in Atlanta:

Emory University Office of Financial Aid
Attn: External Scholarships
300 Boisfeuillet Jones Center
200 Dowman Drive
Atlanta, GA 30322-1960

For students attending Oxford College:

Oxford College Office of Financial Aid
Attn: External Scholarships
801 Emory Street
Eady Admissions Center
Oxford, GA 30054

Please note: Mailing a check to the wrong address may result in processing delays.


If we receive a scholarship check that is made payable to you or to you and Emory jointly, you will need to endorse the check before we can process it. We will contact you if we need your endorsement on any external scholarship checks we receive, but please note that endorsement may result in processing delays.

Once we receive your check and it has been properly endorsed (if required), we will post it to your student account. Emory's policy is to divide external scholarships equally between the fall and spring semesters unless the funding organization specifies otherwise.