Managing My Finances

As a college student, it may be difficult to focus on money management while juggling classes, your job, your social life, and your sleep. However, knowing how to manage money is vital to the college experience. We want to help you improve your financial future by gaining a better understanding of personal finance topics including creating a budget and using credit wisely. These resources and tips can help build strong money management skills for a lifetime.


What is a budget? A budget is a financial plan that helps you track your money, make informed spending decisions, and plan for your financial goals. A budget can help you manage your spending to save for short-term needs such as books for the upcoming semester or future goals such as spring break vacation with friends.

Budget Tips

  • Review your current spending

  • Create a budget based on our income while in college and after graduation

  • Set financial goals

  • Start saving for emergencies and financial goals; start small and build

  • Review your budget and expenses monthly

Credit Decisions

Using a credit card makes it difficult for you to appreciate how much money you’re actually spending. However, when you use cash, you can actually see the individual dollars leave your wallet—and see how much is left over.

Credit Tips

  • Request your credit reports and scores from the three credit bureaus at least once per year.

  • Review each credit report for errors and report them immediately to the credit bureaus.

  • Avoid applying for credit often; only apply for credit when you need it.

  • Avoid using the maximum credit available to you.